Legal warning


By means of this notice, INTUCSA (hereafter known as the “Camping”) informs its users of their Web page about its data protection policy concerning personal information (hereafter known as “Personal Data”) in order to determine freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide the Camping with their Personal Data required in the reservation form and in the information application form. The Camping reserves the right to modify the current data protection policy in order to adapt it to the most recent legislation and to the activities it carries out.

The Personal Data will be entered into computerised records, which are owned and operated by the Camping and are properly registered in the Data Protection Agency. The purpose of the collection and handling of Personal Data, carried out at the administration department of the Camping, is to maintain the contractual relationship that the client may have, in this case, with the Camping, as well as the running of, administration, and expanding and improvement of the Camping’s services, their suitability to the preferences and tastes of the clients, and the sending by traditional and electronic means of commercial information about the services that the Camping offers at this time and in the future.

The Camping will not cede the Personal Data to third parties without previous and express consent of the persons affected, except in the case expressly stated by law concerning the matter of citizens’ security. The Camping has adopted a security protocol for Personal Data with the implementation of legal levels of security adequate for the protection of Personal Data.

Users may practice their right to gain access to the data that are in our computerised systems that they may wish to cancel, correct and oppose. The users may exercise this right by contacting the Camping by e-mail: